Investment Advisory

Self is a fee-only independent firm of Chartered Financial Planners, which has been providing sound, effective financial advice to financially established individuals and trust funds for over 40 years.

Investment advisory

Our goal is to help our clients build and manage wealth over a lifetime. We believe that the necessary foundation is a highly disciplined and cohesive financial strategy, and that belief is at the core of our investment advisory services. The Nobel Prize winning MPT (Modern Portfolio Theory) enables us to design successful investment portfolios for our clients. This involves constructing portfolios from a range of asset classes that react differently to varying market conditions. MPT reduces portfolio volatility without compromising investment returns.

Our investment advisory services include:

  • Goal and risk assessment
  • Tax efficient portfolio design
  • Access to institutional funds not available to individual investors
  • Half yearly consolidated performance reporting
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing as needed
  • General consultation and planning as needed

Above all, we are interested in investment that works. All our experience tells us that investors do best when they follow a disciplined investment strategy rather than the whims of their emotions. Otherwise, fear and greed can be tempting but misleading decision-makers. A rational approach – taking decisions based on discussion, analysis, understanding and discipline – leads to successful investment. Clients also have the reassurance that Self’s fee-based approach leads to strategies that are objective, not driven by the need to earn commission on recommended products.