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Vanguard LifeStrategy Quarterly Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter is designed to give Vanguard LifeStrategy investors an insight into how the funds are constructed, how they’re performing and what’s been happening in the global economy and world markets. Please click the above picture to read Vanguard’s LifeStrategy Quarterly Newsletter.

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Pensioner Bonds go on sale!

New pensioner bonds paying an annual interest rate of up to 4% are now on sale. The government-backed lump sum investments are being offered through National Savings and Investments. Market-leading rates and years of accounts offering low returns have led to expectations of rapid sales of these bonds. Only those aged 65 and over are […]

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Living with Volatility, Again

Volatility is back. Just as many people were starting to think markets only ever move in one direction, the pendulum has swung back the other way. Anxiety is a completely natural response to these events. Acting on those emotions, though, can end up doing us more harm than good. There are a number of tidy-sounding […]

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Abolition of 55% Pension Death Tax

Today George Osborne announced the final piece in the pension jigsaw puzzle relating to a host of pension changes that were introduced in the Budget back in April this year. The rules relating to the despised 55% tax charge levied on pension funds (when paid out as a lump sum following the death of the […]

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