Self Portraits

Self is a fee-only independent firm of Chartered Financial Planners, which has been providing sound, effective financial advice to financially established individuals and trust funds for over 40 years.

John Barber – Operations

John’s father was an accountant but John insists it was a surprise, especially to his younger self, when he followed a similar path. Football and cricket had been his obsessions but eventually the balance tipped from sport to work. Balance sheets kicked in. Now John runs Self’s day-to-day finances and future planning, acting as an independent consultant to the firm.

His financial career started with Newman Biggs in the 1970s. He rose through a series of financial companies, with each being bought by a bigger accountancy firm until, with Deloittes, the business couldn’t get much bigger. By this time John hankered after greater independence and more hands-on activity so he set up his own consultancy firm in 2002. Now he enjoys being close to business realities with Self and its diverse clients.

John’s a proud family man and has been actively involved in his children’s schools – for example as treasurer then chairman of his daughter’s school PTA. It won’t take long to discover his love for West Bromwich Albion (that love of sport never went away). If you really press him, he still wishes he’d made it into the school first XI at cricket. He compensated by becoming a founder member of Hayley Green Cricket Club, and he kept playing until his wife raised an umpire’s finger on his batting career. But he became Hayley Green’s treasurer, of course.