Self Portraits

Self is a fee-only independent firm of Chartered Financial Planners, which has been providing sound, effective financial advice to financially established individuals and trust funds for over 40 years.

Stephanie Parratt – Client Services

Steph operates a Client Services role at Selfs, with great experience of working in company accounts departments and financial services departments of independent advisers.

It’s a role that needs care and attention to detail. After an education in Bermuda, where her dad’s job took the family, she seemed set for a career in agriculture. She gained diplomas, including one in Small Animal Care. Bigger animals were calling, though, and Steph moved to Stratford upon Avon to take up jobs in the accounts departments of Motorworld and Charlie Browns. This led to an admin role at Lodders Solicitors. When the Lodders financial services department merged with the similar department in Self, Steph took up the job that she’s done so well now for some years.

More than anyone, as an administrator, Steph knows that you can’t always take things at face value – you have to dig beneath the surface, question and check. So perhaps it’s not such a surprise to find out that Steph’s lingering pipe dream is to once again own a motorbike.