Sliding Doors II

Sound investing for the long term is not just about sticking to your chosen pathway. It also means staying off those paths that can derail your journey. In the 1998 British-American romantic comedy ‘Sliding Doors’, the story revolves around two contrasting life outcomes for the central character, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, all stemming from whether […]

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Autumn Statement Highlights

The Chancellor alters pensions…again! That comes as no surprise to us because despite all the negativity which surrounds pensions, the tax breaks are still very attractive for higher rate and additional rate tax payers. The changes and our initial reactions: Lifetime Allowance Reduction The Lifetime Allowance (the maximum value that can accrue in pensions) is […]

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Drawdown Cutbacks

Investors with pensions in drawdown are due to face significant drops in the amount of income they can take at their next compulsory review date.  Since April of this year, new rules regarding the calculation of the income limits came into force. The new less generous rules coupled with the downturn in the market have […]

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