Taking out the Guesswork

It was late 2012 and US Congressional leaders were in tense negotiations on the “fiscal cliff” — a January 1 budget deadline to avoid huge tax hikes and spending cuts. Amid this standoff, equity analysts were cautious about the 2013 market outlook. With the negotiations dragging on, newspaper Barron’s surveyed 10 strategists about equities’ prospects for the […]

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Over the Hedge

A recent press article said that with major risk assets looking “fully valued”, it was time to seek out alternative investments such as hedge funds. But those thinking of making that shift might want to look before they leap. According to consulting firm McKinsey and Co, hedge funds and other “alternative” investments will command up […]

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The Certainty Principle

A frequent complaint from would-be investors is that “uncertainty” is what keeps them out of the financial markets. “I’ll stay in cash until the direction becomes clearer,” they will say. So when has there ever been total clarity? Alternatively, people who are already in the market after a strong rally, as we have seen in […]

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One Green Bottle

In investment, risk and return are related. In other words, the price of earning a return is accepting some level of risk. But not every risk is worth taking. And one of those is the risk associated with individual stocks or sectors. Economists call this idiosyncratic risk. It relates to the peculiar, individual influences on […]

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